Resonance Massage and Bodywork
547 W. Diversey Pkwy  Chicago, IL 60614
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Single Session

Single session massages range from 10 minutes to 1 hour. You may extend your massage beyond 1 hour if no other clients are waiting. You can always start with a shorter massage and extend it if you’d like. Any chair massage can be upgraded to a table massage for an additional $5. You may want to consider purchasing a block of minutes (Massage Package), or enrolling in our no-commitment monthly Membership for more frequent massages.

Massage Packages

Packages come in a number of minutes that you break down as you see fit. For example, a 90 minute Package could grant you: one 15 minute chair session; 45 minutes on the table; and, another 25 to spare. Package minutes can be shared with friends. or family, and never expire.

Rub Club Membership

For guests who are averaging at least 60 minutes of massage a month, the Rub Club Membership is a great option. You choose your level for a one time $15 start-up charge, and get minutes replenished on the 1st of every month. Members earn Reward Points every time they use these minutes, and can redeem Rewards Points for massage upgrades. Memberships can be frozen at no charge, and there are no cancellation fees. If you don’t use up all of your minutes in a month, they roll over to the next month. As with Packages, Membership minutes never expire, and can be shared with friends or family.

Membership Packages

If you find that you’ve run out of Membership minutes (but haven’t run out of reasons to get a massage) you may want to purchase a Membership Package. This package option is offered exclusively to our Rub Club Members, at 10% off our regular Package rates.

Single Session

10 Minutes $15
15 Minutes $21
20 Minutes $27
25 Minutes $33
30 Minutes $39
35 Minutes $45
40 Minutes $51
45 Minutes $57
50 Minutes* $67
55 Minutes* $72
60 Minutes* $77
*For sessions lasting 45 minutes or longer, we recommend that massages be on the table; these prices include the $5 Table Upgrade.


60 Minutes $77
90 Minutes $113
120 Minutes $143
240 Minutes $270


Table $5*
Aromatherapy No Charge
Thermotherapy No Charge
*Alternatively, 5 Package or Membership minutes may be used to pay for a table upgrade.


Bronze: 60 Min/Month $61.88
Silver: 90 Min/Month $86.88
Gold: 120 Min/Month $106.88
Platinum: 180 Min/Month $149.88

Member Packages

60 Minutes $69
90 Minutes $102
120 Minutes $129
240 Minutes $243