Resonance Massage and Bodywork
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Frequently Asked Questions

When visiting us for the first time (or if you happen to be in a hurry but could use a quick fix) our guests often ask for the "10 Minute Tune-up": our shortest session offered. The session will focus on what you request (as with all of our massages) - be it a particularly sore spot that requires some deep work, or something more general and relaxing.
We choose to model our open treatment space after traditional Asian acupuncture clinics, in an effort to build a sense of community. While in the clinic one can see that they are not alone with their conditions, and a strong sense of camaraderie and supportive atmosphere is often experienced. Massage sessions in a community clinic lend a “healing charge” to the room, and make each individual treatment all the more effective. Additionally, unclothed massage may cause someone who has experienced trauma or abuse to feel vulnerable or emotionally discomforted and exposed, even when draped. The ability to feel secure through fully-clothed massage increases treatment effectiveness, assisting in relaxation in order to receive important “healing touch” therapy.
Because our reception and treatment areas share one common room, we keep our phone's ringer on silent (and ask that you do too!) for the comfort and relaxation of our clients. If you would like to contact us, you may certainly leave a voice-mail (or E-mail) and we will reply promptly.
We feel that scheduling an appointment needlessly invites the opportunity for added stress. Heaven forbid you are running late, need to re-schedule, or cancel your booking at the last minute for a fee. This seems to be a faulty process to us, as it is our goal after all to help relieve you of such bothers. We want to address your pain and fix your aches when you need it – not in a week! Therefore, we only accept walk-in massages.
Of course! If there happens to be a wait you may always put your name down on our sign in sheet to either return when the table/chair/specific therapist that you would like to be working with is available, or stay and enjoy some tea in our waiting area.
Yes, we offer complimentary Wi-Fi access, as well as a free "charging station" if your phone/tablet (android or apple!) needs some power.
Gratuities are not included in single-session, package, or membership prices. Gratuities are an appreciated gesture for a massage done well. If you wish to tip your Therapist, the average rate is 15-20%. Gratuities are never expected, always appreciated.
Our Packages are a one-time purchase option to buy minutes in bulk at a lower price per minute, and to then use them in increments of your own choosing. Packages do not expire, and can be shared with friends and family. The Membership works in the same way, but is a no-commitment monthly plan (charged on the 1st of every month) at an even lower rate per minute than regular Packages. See our Pricing Page for further details on Single Session, Package, Membership, and Membership Package options.
Comfortable, loose, casual clothing is best if you are able to plan ahead of your visit. Because we do encourage impromptu massage, we welcome you as you are - from gym clothes to office attire. You may always bring a change of clothes if you wish. You may prefer to remove any rings or necklaces before arriving so as to avoid losing any jewelry. Blankets can be provided for extra warmth if needed.
We only use non-scented, hypoallergenic massage lotion (a minimally greasy variety that will not stain clothing) on exposed skin such as the hands, neck, or feet. You may always request that your therapist not use lotion if you prefer none.
All of our Licensed Massage Therapists have been trained in traditional Swedish massage, which in itself encompasses various techniques including “deep tissue”, “sports”, “relaxation”, “trigger point” (neuromuscular), and assisted stretches. View our Therapist page for any other unique modalities that each of our therapists specializes in.
Yes! We can accommodate prenatal and postpartum women with a side-lying position on the table, or with a special bolster on the chair. Please inform your therapist if you are pregnant before your massage; first-trimester prenatal massage should only be performed with your doctor's consent.
We welcome children ages 5 and up, with a parent’s presence and permission of course! They may receive massage on the chair or table, though smaller children may be best accommodated on the massage table. Keep in mind that kids may not want to sit still for longer than 30 Minutes, though shorter sessions for young ones can still be beneficial!